Argosy Spire 420Xi Studio Monitor Stands (Pair)


Introducing the Argosy Spire 420Xi Studio Monitor Stands (Pair) – your essential companion for optimal sound performance. Elevate your studio monitors to the perfect listening height with these sleek and sturdy stands. Designed for stability and vibration isolation, they ensure accurate sound reproduction by minimizing unwanted resonance. Whether you're mixing, mastering, or simply enjoying your favorite tunes, the Argosy Spire 420Xi stands provide the support your studio monitors deserve.


  • Powder Coated MDF
  • Height: 42" Height includes Isolator
  • Cable Management
  • Mounting Platform: 17" x 9"
  • Base: 19.8" x 16"
  • Capacity: 100 lbs. each
  • Set of 2