Black Lion Audio PG-2


Introducing the Black Lion Audio PG-2 Power Conditioner: your solution for clean, reliable power in any studio or live performance setup. With its advanced filtering technology, the PG-2 safeguards your gear against electrical noise and interference, ensuring pristine audio quality. Featuring robust construction and sleek design, it's the perfect addition to any professional audio environment. Say goodbye to power-related issues and hello to uninterrupted creativity with the Black Lion Audio PG-2 Power Conditioner.

• 14 outlet power conditioner

• PG-99 Filtering Technology for an average of 99.7% noise reduction

• Front and back panel XLR lamp connectors for lighting

• Voltage meter helps show current voltage in real time

• Status LEDs and audio siren help alert for dangerous power scenarios

• Panasonic and Wima capacitors to filter out performance-robbing high-frequency noise

• Proper safeguard protection with a power absorption rating of 2775 joules

• 12 switched back-panel outlets and 2 unswitched front-panel outlets

• 4 sets of optimized outlets for digital audio x2, analog audio, and high current devices

• Time delayed outlets for high current devices help protect speakers and amplifiers

• 2-stage power up/power down system